What I do

I am a writer, translator, artist and art teacher based in Basel, Switzerland. I'm a mother of one.


Current: Wonder Cures, Erin Mallon/Tuomas Ollikainen, in the exhibition Salon du Lapin, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, 10.09-15.10.2023

My Book of Pearly Absence, exhibition at der Malerei (Klybeck-Areal), Basel, 04/2023. Documentation (PDF) / Instagram

(2022) Three months as artist in resident at The Old Mine Residency, Outokumpu, Finland.

From 2014-2020, as part of the artist collaboration Haystack News, I worked with the artist and art teacher Daniel Tschumi to push the medial boundaries of the dialogue while engaging in low-tech, in-situ artistic practices like drawing, collecting, notating and performing.

Art Education

(Spring 2023 - ongoing) Guest lecturer in the BA and MA programs of the Institute Arts and Design Education, HGK FHNW in Basel

(Autumn 2022) Guest lecturer: CoCreate week HGK FHNW

(Autumn 2018) Guest lecturer iADE HGK FHNW: Co-conception and realization of an artistic art mediation intervention with MA students in the frame of the exhibition Vulnerable Histories (A Road Movie) by Koki Tanaka, at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, 2018. (2009-2014) Completion of BA and MA in Art and Design Education and the Lehrdiplom Sekundarstufe II at the HGK FHNW, Basel.


Diese Vehemenz, in Das Narr, Wer hat Angst vor Adelheid Duvanel? November 2021.

Since 2014, I've worked as a freelance translator, editor and contributing author in the frame of research projects at the HGK FHNW, HSM FHNW and the HSLU D&K, among others. (Inquiries)

Translation also plays a central role in my practice as a writer and artist. I write prose, poetry and other literary texts in and between German and English. I'm currently enrolled in the Masters Program 'Contemporary Arts Practice' at the HKB with a focus on literary translation and creative writing.

Artistic Research

Since 2018, I've been employed as Coordinator of the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN). Alongside my coordinatorial duties, which include mapping international third cycle education in the arts, managing SARN's book-keeping, communication, publications, monthly newsletter and web presence, I am a contributing member of the NewsLibrary Work Group, which investigates and juxtaposes publication forms of artistic research. I coordinate and edit the NewsLibrary #microreview series, available at sarn.ch/publications and on instagram @sarn_switzerland.

Microreview: Staging Polyphony. Erin Mallon reviews Robinson, Anne. Through the air with the greatest of ease: Phonogenie (Seismograf audio paper, 2016), July 2020.

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